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Thank You For Your Donation

The dentists who gave away their masks
Many had given substantially more
We are grateful to them


Dr Samintharaj Kumar (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

Dr Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

Dr Ben Wang (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

Dr Yeo Khee Lim (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

Dr Asha K. Karan (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

Dr Weelyn Teh (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

Dr Smita Ashok (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

Dr Surinder Arora (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

Dr Ireen Ali (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

Dr Saqib Safdar (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

Dr Mona Board (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

Dr Patrick Gan (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

Dr Sunita Dabas (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

Dr Hui Chee Wah (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

Dr Robin Zhang Zhixiang (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

Dr Eunice Tang (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

Dr Steffi Soh Yu Hui (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

Dr Hamdan (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

OHT Koh Jiayong Joseph (Nuffield Dental Holdings)

Dr Justin Giam (Dental Designs Clinic Singapore)

Dr Tiffany Tan (Dental Designs Clinic Singapore)

Dr Gareth Pearson (Dental Essence - Tanglin)

Dr Andrew Lui (Dental Essence - Tanglin)

Dr Yue Weng Cheu (DP Dental Singapore)

Dr Leonard Lim Kwang Beng (Pacific Medical & Dental Group)

Dr Adrian Cheong (private donation)

Dr Phay Yew Ming (Poon & Phay Dental Surgeons)

Dr Benjamin Tan (Poon & Phay Dental Surgeons)

Dr Canon Chong (OrthoSmile Dental Practice)

Dr Poon Kah Chai (DentalWorks)

Dr Michael Lee Hing Mun (Lee Clinic & Dental Surgery)

Dr Tan Kok Liang (emBRACE Dental Surgery)

Dr Kelvin Koh Poh Leong (One Orthodontics Dental Surgery)

Dr Suzanne Lim Lee Heng (Winsome Medical and Dental Center) 

Dr Loh Fun Chee (Loh Fun Chee & Associates)

Dr Tan Peng Hui (Roots! Advanced Endodontics)


Dr Ng Chin Siau (Q & M Dental Group Singapore)

Dr Cheng Eng Hwa (iDental Clinic Singapore)

Mr Leon Lui (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Kelvin Chye Chuan Hee (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Edelweis Tan (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Jasmine Boh (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Lee An Qi (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Tang Panmei (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Fenny Tjen (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Joanne Lam (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Goh Seng Cheong (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Richard Wong (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Tammy Low (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Alicia Ng (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Hor Tze Huii (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Kenny Poh (Family Dental Centre)

Dr John Kiew (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Felicia Foo (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Jade Lee (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Louise Yap (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Gregory Kasdan (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Watt Wing Chun (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Lee Weng Soon (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Abdul Halid Bin Abdullah (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Athirah Huda Alias (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Rashid (Family Dental Centre)

Dr Bruce Lee (T32 Dental Group)

Dr Yeo Kim Teck (Apple Eye Centre)

Dr Tan Sze Hwei (TOOFDOCTOR Dental Surgeons)

Dr Choy Keen Meng (TOOFDOCTOR Dental Surgeons)

Dr Lim Kheng Ann (private donation)

Dr Tan Ter Shian (Tan Clinic & Dental Surgery)

Dr Lim Lii (Dental on the Bay)

Dr Lim Hong Meng (Mount Elizabeth Orthodontic Clinic)

Dr Serene Chua (Greenlife Dental Clinic)

Dr Anthony Goh Sze Chern (Mount Alvernia Hospital Singapore)

Dr Michael Mah (Neua Dental)

Dr Vijayan Loganathan (private donation) 
Dr Terence Jee (private donation)
Dr Guo Weidi (private donation)

Dr Kelvin Chye Chuan Hee ("For All Dentists By Dentists")

Dr Amanda Lim ("For All Dentists By Dentists")

Dr Shawn Goh ("For All Dentists By Dentists")

Dr Ng Sin Hwee ("For All Dentists, By Dentists")

Dr Kuan Chee Keong ("For All Dentists, By Dentists")

Dr Raymond Ang ("For All Dentists, By Dentists")
Dr Gerald Tan ("For All Dentists, By Dentists")
Dr Elaine Li ("For All Dentists, By Dentists")
Dr Joanne Lam ("For All Dentists, By Dentists"

Acknowledgement: Services
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